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Career Counseling in INDIA

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Some eye opening facts about our Education system
  • Less than 10% of Indian Students undergo any form of career counseling!

  • 85% students are unhappy with their career choices after 5 years!

  • 17% of world's suicide's (age fewer than 21) happens in India!

  • Less than 5 students in 100 undergo career counseling in T2 & T3 Cities in India

  • More than 60 Crore Indians are below the age of 24 and need guidance to make smart choices

  • Cognitive Education is imparted at School Level in Western Education Systems, unlike in India where Schools have no mechanism to incorporate Cognitive Education in Learning

  • Students with exposure to Cognitive Education & Brain Development Techniques at the right age are 92% more likely to succeed at Graduate Levels and above

  • Only 1% Students in India undergo any formal Cognitive Brain Development Program to augment Critical Thinking and 150+ Other Cognitive Skills

  • There are more than 150+ Cognitive Skills which need to be developed in Kids aged 6+


  1. More than 20% students in a class are either suffering from Reading Disabilities or Learning Disabilities

  2. 90% of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia suffering students do not get any professional help on account of ignorance or lack of awareness

  3. 80% Learning Disabilities can be managed and treated if proper intervention is provided at the right age

  4. Less than 1% Indian Schools do primary screening of students to assess or ascertain if their students face any learning disability which could be hampering their academic growth.

Get the Right Guidance with SAADHYE EDUBRAIN

Career counseling helps you to better understand yourself and your abilities / capabilities that helps you to choose a suitable career path for you. There are a number of options for Career Counseling Online in kota that can help you set up your career track on a new position.

Our Career Consultant conducts Career Counseling both Online and offline and then they evaluate and analyze an individual's skills and abilities and try to overcome obstacles to achieving their goals.

Our experienced career experts provide accurate career guidance to STUDENTS institutions and career professionals so they can be helped by these best recommendations and actions when choosing a career. Our Career Counseling Company combines personal guidance with unique assessments, extensive research and an assortment of online resources for students and working professionals.

Discover Your Potential with Our Career Consulting Services!!

Our Career Consulting Services help you to get the best fit career with personalized development plans, and have a detailed understanding of yourself. Our career assessment developed with advanced research by leading psychologists in India can determine your skills, abilities & capabilities to achieve your career goals.

Maximize Satisfaction in Your Work Life with the Help of Our Career Consulting Services.

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geeta agrawal
geeta agrawal
Jun 02, 2022

insightful article🙂

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