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Dance Movement Therapy for Children

How is Dance Movement Therapy Helpful?

  1. Improves Emotional Growth

Kids feel the joy of dancing. They learn about expressing and identifying emotions. This helps for a structured outlet. Further, for a healthy physical and emotional release. As a result, it aids their emotional regulation. It gives kids the freedom to channel their emotions and energy. Especially in a safe space. Then their self-esteem and confidence also improve.

2. Helps Social skills

DMT uses techniques of group therapy. Moreover, this fosters social skills. As a result, it develops a sense of trust. This further helps to form bonds with other kids. With each session, kids interact with each other. Similarly, they learn new social skills. Additionally, it also aims at sensory integration. Works to reduce sensitivity to touch and building trust.

3. Encourages Creativity

DMT allows for freedom of moving. It helps kids to be creative. It helps them express themselves. Kids learn to build trust. Further, make friends and learn the skill of critical thinking.

4. Enhances Cognitive Growth

DMT helps cognitive growth. It boosts the brain function of kids and adults. Movement plays a big role in stimulating nerve growth factors. It helps in the brain’s neuroplasticity. It is great to burn energy for hyperactive kids.

Source: Google

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