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(120 Hours) Live Online classes on weekends

  • 2 hours
  • 70,000 Indian rupees

Service Description

6 Months Online Program :120 hours Multiple Live Projects Career Assistance Live Online Sessions Capstone Projects Industry Internship Globally Renowned Trainers 25+ Industry Graded Projects Up to 50 % Scholarship delivered by Careerera Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Build smarter and more intelligent systems. Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most popular word in general usage which has its origins in the Computer Science field. This is because of all the science fiction movies containing robots which can speak and spaceships which have automated guidance and defense systems. Due to this misappropriation by the media the word has been widely misunderstood. But anyone who takes an Artificial Intelligence course online will learn what the real meaning of Artificial Intelligence is. This Artificial Intelligence certification will teach the learners that Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science in which the programmer attempts to impart human-like intelligence to machines. They use techniques and algorithms which give machines the ability to engage in reasoning processes and processes of logic quite similar to what a rational human being would follow. Artificial Intelligence training will let programmers give machines the ability to understand complex relationships, interpret them meaningfully, and take actionable decisions on the basis of those calculations. Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which aims to teach machines to learn from their environment on their own without any outside aid or interference. The method they use is that they supply the machines with massive data sets as inputs. Then they program specific machine learning algorithms into the machines which give them the ability to analyze the massive data sets and accept them as their own past experiences. Thus a new machine can be given the memory of a used machine. Initially the programmers have to program specific algorithms into the machines to teach them how to learn, to put it simply. *Feel free to ask for Scholarship available on request*

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